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Judo is a popular choice of combat sport, practiced by millions of people of all ages and abilities around the world. Originating in Japan, this exciting martial art has been an Olympic sport since 1964.

Judo promotes good all-round discipline and is a recognised form of self-defence. It is a fun social activity that helps sharpen concentration, maintain fitness and develop physical co-ordination. Learning Judo at Judokwai is an excellent way for adults and children to improve social interaction, increase self-confidence and acquire leadership skills in a safe and friendly environment.

For those who like to compete, there is the opportunity participate at different levels of competition. Players can compete at club and national tournaments and, for some, there is possible New Zealand representation.

Like all sports, Judo has a strict set of rules which govern safety, behaviour and competition. Emphasis is placed upon self-discipline and respect for the coach, partners and oneself.

About Judo